Frost Amplifiers is a amplifier service, tube sales and manufacturing business located in Margate Tasmania. It is a multi-faceted business that encompasses service, modification and upgrade of tube and solid state amplifiers, sales of tubes and amplifier manufacture. We are starting to get into manufacturing with the production of our first amplifier the FOD-100. We have plans in the future for a small true class A amp. We can do new builds to your specification.

We also sell tubes and pride ourselves on having the country’s lowest prices.

Owner Tim Krushka has had a lifelong interest in electronics and has been building amplifiers from the age of 9. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Tas Uni and has been an engineer for 35 years. A long career in OTC and Telstra has come to a close and with it the opportunity to concentrate fully on Frost Amplifiers. His career involved such diverse experiences as writing software to operate coin telephones on Norfolk Island in OTC to Planning the Tasmanian Network in Telstra. Working one night on the Paddington Overseas Exchange in Sydney, as per normal procedure on finishing, deleted the program he had been testing. Being tired he left out the # hexadecimal sign at the beginning of the program number in the delete command. He went home and next morning found out that he had deleted the nation’s ship-to-shore comms programs. Fortunately his career did not come to a premature end with this incident. He lived in Sydney for 8 years and then returned to the state of his birth, Tasmania. He planned the Telstra Network for many years and also worked in Mobiles Base Station Design.

Tim has been fixing amps for friends and family for many years but has now decided to ramp up the business and move to full time.

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