Service and Workshop

We service all types of tube and solid state amplifiers - both hi-fi and musical instrument amplifiers. We can do re-tubing, bias setting, electrolytic capacitor upgrades, performance mods and 110V to 230V conversions for amps purchased in the US. We can do new builds if requested such as JTM45, JCM800 etc.

Currently our rates are $90 per hour. Some work will be per quote eg, new builds.

Our work is guaranteed for 1 year, tubes are guaranteed 6 months.

We have a fully equipped workshop with the following equipment:
• HP 3468A lab standard Multimeter
• FeelTech Function Generator
• Tenma 72-33D Oscilloscope
• Duratech TS1390 Soldering Station
• Jackson 648S Tube Tester
• Equivalent Series Resistance Capacitor tester

We have comprehensive stocks of tubes, capacitors and resistors. We even have a good range of germanium transistors should the need arise.

We must also have the best view of any workshop in the state as we overlook the d’Entrecasteaux Channel

Customers are free to drop off work at Margate but please ring first to make sure we are there.